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I started my photography business in 2020. Initially, my focus was purely on boudoir, but, after learning about branding photography and doing my own branding shoot, I was inspired to pursue branding photography as well.

For me, the connection between the two (and the reason I'm not necessarily interested in shooting weddings, for example) is that they both use images as a language to tell a story about ourselves. The thing that interests me about photography as a service is that it serves as a visual language to articulate our self-perception and desires. All photography does this in a way, but not necessarily to the extent of these two genres.

Basically, although boudoir is all bare skin and lace, and branding is done with some professional distance, both types of photography articulate and make real our self-perception. I am always honored and excited to tell these stories, the way I know best!

A curvaceous female photographer with a Nikon camera in her hand as she faces away from the camera

By Ruby Olivia Photography

About Me

I'm Caitlin! I'm a native New Yorker and a mother of two toddlers. My primary creative outlet growing up was actually never photography, but writing. As I got older, I became interested in the relationship between images and self-perception (especially with how social media has blown up!). So, my photography is all about telling stories: stories that bridge the gap between who we are and who we envision ourselves to be, stories of intimacy and emotion.

When I'm not doing shoots or editing, I'm with my husband and my sons. I don't often have downtime (who does, nowadays!?), but when I do, I'm reading, writing, or online window shopping. I'm naturally an introverted person, but I sincerely look forward to getting out of my comfort zone and connecting with my wonderful clients to make beautiful images!

A female boudoir and branding photographer sitting with plinths during a photo shoot in NYC

By Ruby Olivia Photography

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